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Beautiful Falling Crystal Front Halter Neck and Low Back Flower Gown.

With Extraordinary Handcrafted Beaded Vintage Elements and Embellishments.

Italian Hand-painted Viscose Fabric. 

Soft Vintage Milk Pink Tulle Bottom.

Also with Hand Cut-Out Italian Hand-painted Viscose Flowers Trickling Down the Bottom of The Tulle Gown.

Vintage Pink Velvet Ties Around The Waist and Neck.


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Falling Crystal Flower Gown

GST Included |
Color - Only Available as Advertised: Floral Pattern
  • Includes:

    Tutus Specifically Designed For The Gown.

    The Beautiful Gown Can Be Worn With Or Without Tutus.

    The Volume Of The Beautiful Gown Can Be Controlled By The Amount Of Tutus You Decide To Wear. 

    Carnivel Signature Tie 

    Is Designed To Pull In The Dress and Sinch You In At Your Waist.

    Please Note

    All Carnvel Designs Are Limited Edition 

    And Hand Altered To Your Specific Measurements.

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