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CARNIVEL Est 2005, is all about encapsulating perfectly tailored and highly shaped pieces using both vintage and cutting-edge farbics, imported from all over the globe.

You will have confidence that over our 15 years of operation, hundreds of women in Australia and around the world have been dressed in breathtakingly beautiful gowns by Anaessia. With our dedicated in-house production team, we can produce orders for both domestic and international markets. This dedication to detail allows the Anaessia essence to distill, achieving the best quality control.

The inspiration behind CARNIVEL by Anaessia is to always create limited, unique pieces, reflecting a woman's life and her creativity. In capturing elegance and glamour with a twist of art, Anaessia's ethereal, vintage-inspired gowns make the perfect bridal dresses. They're also suitable to wear to a wedding or special occasion in Sydney. 

The House of Carnivel was brought to life by the designer coming to full terms with living the dream of her creations she makes. 

For the ordinary girl to transform into extraordinary taking you on your own personal journey to find your inner self to express the beauty that’s within and for it to shine out. 

The designers love of God and her spiritual path that she’s on only transformed her and her pieces to be more heavenly like. Her love for exquisite fabrics is her canvas that she takes and creates her art and puts all her hand craftsmanship into. 
Building a luxury item that can be worn for any occasion. 

Every piece is created with great love and great passion from beginning to end timeless and effortless. 
Taking old world vintage elements and bringing them back to life creating one off masterpiece. 

With love Carnivel

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